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Food Service Provider Engaged In Wholesale Sales
May 24, 2019
During the time at issue, the Colorado School of Mines, ("M"), loaded each meal-plan student's "BlasterCard," ("BC"), with an individual meal...

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Substitution of Obligors and Sec. 453B(a)
May 24, 2019
Taxpayer, ("TP"), an individual, sold a parcel of real property to unrelatedMr. A for a total purchase price of $670x in Year 1. Of this amount, $70x...
Avon Will Expatriate
May 23, 2019
Natura & Co., ("N"), a Brazilian corporation announced that it is acquiring Avon Products, Inc., ("API"), "in an all-stock transaction." As pa...
Taxpayer Not In Actual or Constructive Receipt of "RQ" Proceeds
May 23, 2019
TP rents equipment to customers for use in farming, construction, manufacturing, and warehousing. In 2003, TP initiated a Like Kind Exchange Program (LKE Program) thr...
Debtor Can Exclude Only A Portion Of "COD" Income
May 23, 2019
On June 1, 1981, petitioner, ("P"), her former spouse, and three other persons purchased a single-family residence in San Jose, California, ("RRP"), for $15...