We do offer additional services, such as opinion letters, white papers and custom research. Our boutique, personalized service ensures that your products will be produced by Bob Willens himself, and of the highest quality. We produce these products in a very time efficient manner. Contact us at 212-771-1278 to engage us for any of the below:

  • Opinion Letters of varying levels, delivered in a very time efficient manner. They are a hallmark of our service, and representative of Bob's 40+ years on The Street.
  • White Papers on a range of topics, both tax and accounting based.
  • Bespoke Research customized to your specific needs, such as detailed analysis of a particular tax or accounting situation. 

Robert Willens Report

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The Willens Report contains unique insight into the complex world of tax and accounting.  Robert Willens’ knowledge in this area is well documented and provides essential information for Hedge Fund Managers, Lawyers, Accountants, Arbitrageurs, Corporate Tax Directors, and University Professors. Sign up to gain access to exclusive website.

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